Richard Spruce Award

(Plaque and invitation to present opening address at next IAB meeting)
  • Award to recognize one IAB member who has made important contributions to bryology, within the first 25 years of their career (dated from their first bryological publication).
  • Award can only be received once.
  • Given at every IAB meeting not held in conjunction with The International Botanical Congress (two of the three meetings every six years).
  • Selection Committee chaired by Vice President Number 1, with two members appointed by the IAB Council at each IAB meeting not associated with the International Botanical Congress.

  • Jan-Peter Frahm 1995,
  • Timo Koponen 1997,
  • William R. Buck 2002,
  • Benito C. Tan 2004,
  • Jeffrey G. Duckett 2007,
  • Jonathan Shaw 2009
  • Karen Renzaglia 2011,
  • Bernard Goffinet 2013.
  • Lars Hedenäs, 2015
The Spruce Award 2015 
 The council of IAB congratulates Lars Hedenäs for winning the Spruce Award 2015, given for outstanding contributions to bryological research. Lars Hedenäs, senior curator at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, is one of the world's leading muscologists. His scientific publications (> 100) span a period of about 25 years and are truly outstanding. Lars is a specialist of pleurocarpous mosses and has published on numerous different aspects of this group, including classical taxonomy and nomenclature, molecular phylogeny, population genetics, reproductive biology, morphological adaptation, biogeography and ecology. Probably the most impressive aspects of his research are the broad and innovative approach to the study of bryophytes. His work, often done in cooperation with others worldwide, stands as a model for the younger generation how to do bryological research. Among favourite papers of him, it will be necessary to mention his excellent monograph of Amblystegiaceae in Flora Neotropica and his recent paper in Taxon (in collaboration with a large team of bryologists) on Homalothecium sericeum: "Three species for the price of one within the moss Homalothecium sericeum" (Taxon 63: 249-257. 2014). The latter paper impressively demonstrates how to study of the so-called "cryptic species" that are increasingly being reported in bryophytes, by using detailed morphological and genetic analyses. These are just two examples; many more titles could be added. Congratulations to Lars Hedenäs for his splendid and major contributions to bryology in the first 25 years of his career. In the IAB he has been very active as a council member, an editor of The Bryological Times and a member of the bryophyte conservation group. It could be hardly think of a candidate more suitable for the Spruce award than Lars!

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