The International Association of Bryologists is a non-profit organization founded in 1969 at the XI International Botanical Congress.

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Membership Benefits:
  • The Bryological Times — An annual subscription to our newsletter with timely reviews, news, and notes on bryology issued quarterly.
  • Student Internships — Student members may apply for internships that provide matching travel funds in order to learn new techniques in international laboratories.
  • Student Travel Grants — Student members who will present a poster or make an oral presentation at an IAB meeting can apply for IAB sponsored travel grants, as funds permit.
  • Student Presentation Awards — Awards will be given to students who have outstanding posters or oral presentations, based on both the research and the quality of the presentation.
  • Stanley Greene Research Awards — Announced biennially, these competitive research awards provide funds for travel in order to increase research capabilities and to develop new international linkages.
  • International Meetings — The Association sponsors biennial meetings at exciting venues around the world. Future Meetings: 2005 - Vienna, Austria 2007 – Malaysia
  • Eligibility for International Recognition — The Association recognizes excellence among its members through the Hedwig Medal, Spruce Plaque, and Hattori Prize and Grolle Plaque.
  • Expert Workshops — The Association sponsors international workshops on all aspects of bryology.
  • Current Membership — Our web site includes a current, up-to-date list of members, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Expert Advice — The Association maintains a web-based data base on international bryological expertise.
  • Publications — The Association publishes and distributes to all members presentations given at our biennial meetings and expert workshops.
  • Discounts — Members of IAB receive 25% discount for purchase of Bryophytorum Bibliotheca.

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