2017 IAB Meeting: Shenzhen,  China

July 23–29 at the Convention and Exhibition Center. Shenzhen, China.
Every five years, botanists from around the world share their discoveries and progress on all fields of plant science, at the International Botanical Congress. Our society has joined this major event and held its ± biennial meeting going as far back as the 12th International Botanical Congress in St. Petersburg, 1975. In 2017, we will again be part of this major event, which will be held in Shenzhen, China, from July 23–29 at the Convention and Exhibition Center (see for more information).Several proposals for bryological symposia were submitted and at present I know of the following being accepted:
1) Microbiomes of Bryophytes (Silvia Pressel)
2) The Moss Tree of Life: Phylogenomic approaches to reconstruct moss evolution, diversification, biogeography and biotic interactions (Bernard Goffinet & Dietmar Quandt)
3) Biodiversity and phylogeography of bryophytes (Lars Söderström)
4) Early Land Plants: From early adopters to transformative models for citizen science engagement connecting natural history collections to biodiversity research and education (Matt von Konrat)
5) Asian and Chinese bryology (Rui Liang Zhu)
and another one will have a bryological component:
Plant Organellar Genomics and Phylogenomics, driven by the Next Generation Sequencing approaches (Liu Yang & Bernard Goffinet)
Each of the symposia has several talks proposed and these will be complemented by presentations based on abstracts submitted. A call for additional abstracts will be released soon. Plan on attending and presenting your research so that bryology continues to be strongly represented at the botanical congress.

Consider joining IAB, and stay informed, become engaged in the society, and, if you are a student, become eligible for travel awards to the Congress (see for more info)
Looking forward to seeing or meeting many of you in Shenzhen next year.
Bernard Goffinet
University of Connecticut
Storrs CT

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