Conservation and Endangered Species Grants

  • Open only to IAB members.
  • Amount normally up to $600 US per applicant.
  • Grants may be made at any time provided funds are available.
  • Grants to be announced on IAB website and BT.
  • Priority will be given to projects focusing on rare species, habitats or bryophyte hotspots in high need of conservation actions.
  • The proposal should contain: A. description of project; B. its rationale; C, activities; D, budget; E, expected outputs.
  • The following points should be noted: Is the species, habitat or hotspot vulnerable, threatened or endangered? If not, does this study intend to collect data for identifying the status of a potentially endangered or threatened species, or is the study species used as a model for a threatened or endangered species, and, if so, please specify how the study will help conservation efforts. Is the species (and possible study) included in the IUCN SSC Bryophyte Action Plan (Hallingbäck & Hodgetts 2000)? Has the conservation significance, impact and outcome of the study been clearly identified and stated? Is there any other commentary on the nature of the threat and corrective action? Is the study, education plan, or other action proposed sound in respect to what is known about the species/ habitat/ people? Is there sound methodology in the proposal? Are there experienced project principals? Is there a training content involving local people?
  • Grant applications should be sent to the Chair of the Conservation Committee.
  • Additional information can be seen on the IAB website and Conservation Committee web pages.
  • The Conservation Committee will recommend applications it deems suitable for funding; the IAB Council will make final approval.
  • A Budget Report and Project Report must be submitted within 2 years to Conservation Committee. Any resulting publications must be sanctioned by IAB.
  • If a member of the Conservation Committee wishes to apply, that person must have no involvement in the discussions.

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