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As of January 1, 2015, the membership fee is $16 per year or $70 for a five year membership. 

You can now pay your IAB dues by PayPal and save currency exchange fees. To do so, click on the **PayPal** link .......... HERE

In 2013, at the London meeting of the International Association of Bryologists (IAB), the Council unanimously passed the proposal to increase the dues by US $5.00. Thus the total dues per year is US$16.00. Five year membership is still offered and will be at the rate of $70. This will become effective as of January 1, 2015. 

The Council delayed an increase in 2014 until the new flagship IAB journal, Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution, had been negotiated with Magnolia Press. There has not been an increase in dues for over a decade, and the Council supported this increase to provide greater exclusive services to IAB members. This includes: 
  • free and open access to the journal Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution; 
  • providing financial support to the organization of IAB meetings; 
  • improved web facilities; and
    increasing financial awards to students to increase student participation and young scientists. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding your membership or this process.

Remember that students can get free membership for one year.

please "copy & paste" the following in your word processor and mail to:
Matt von Konrat,
1400 South Lake Shore Drive,
Chicago, Illinois 60605, U.S.A.
Phone: (312) 665-7864

or send by email to:
Matt von Konrat,


NAME (please type or print):
Tel: __________________ FAX: _____________________
email: __________________________
Please list numbers of all that apply from the fields of interest below:
Field(s) of interest:
1. Chemistry, 2. Proteins & Enzymes, 3. Chemotaxonomy, 4. Phenolics, 5. Terpenoids, 6. Ecology, 7. Autoecology, 8. Population, 9. Physiological Ecology, 10. Synecology/Photosociology, 11. Paleobotany & Paleoecology, 12. Floristics & Phytogeography, 13. History & Documentation, 14. Molecular Biology, 15. DNA, 16. Isozymes, 17. Nomenclature, 18. Physiology, Genetics, & Cytology, 19. Cell Biology, 20. Chromosome Studies, 21. Comparative Structure, 22.Growth & Developments, 23. Reproductive Physiology, 24. Systematics, 25. Anthocerotopsida, 26. Hepaticopsida, 27. Bryopsida
Five keywords that would apply to your research interests:
Student Members:
Undergraduate and graduate students may join FREE for their first year of membership in IAB.
Please provide a signature of your advisor to certify that you are a student.

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