Stanley Greene Award

(an amount of money to be determined biennially by the Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Awarded to persons submitting a proposal for research in Bryology.
  • Proposals will be called for in January of the year of biennial IAB meeting by an announcement in The Bryological Times.
  • Given every two years at IAB meetings.
  • Chaired by Secretary-Treasurer, with two members appointed by council.

  • Dennis Gignac, Bernard Goffinet, Richard Zander, & Irene Bisang 1999,
  • Jessica M. Budke 2009.
  • Jorge Enrique Gil Novoa and Chua Mung Seng. 2014.
Stanley W. Greene Award 2014

On behalf of the committee we are pleased to announce two awards were made for the Stanley W. Greene Award. All the proposals were of extremely high quality. It was extraordinarily difficult to arrive at a decision given the high quality of the proposals. The committee was genuinely very impressed with the high level of excellence. Please join us in congratulating the two recipients, Jorge Enrique Gil Novoa and Chua Mung Seng. Jorge is a Master’s student in the Biological Sciences at Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia. Jorge's project will investigate the bryophyte composition of the páramos of Tota-Bijagual-Mamapacha (Boyacá-Colombia). Páramo-like formations occur on high isolated peaks and ranges and are unique habitats in the Neotropics. Chua Mung Seng is a PhD student at Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, Shenzhen, China. Chua's interesting research investigates the bryophyte diversity, ecology, and conservation of karst regions between southwestern China and east Malaysia.
The 2014 Stanley W. Greene committee included Matt von Konrat, Denise Costa and Dietmar Quandt.

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