Riclef Grolle Award for Excellence in Bryodiversity Research

(plaque stating relevance of the contribution of recipient)
  • Award to to recognize outstanding contributions in bryodiversity
  • Given at each IAB meeting if someone has been selected
  • Intended for bryologists who work in developing countries and still manage to contribute significantly to the knowledge of bryodiversity in bryophyte-rich areas such as the tropics or smaller regions therein or in bryologically unexplored areas. Recognition should consider such evidence as published work, outside grants and support, and establishment of facilities and collections in areas of need.
  • Evaluation committee should include at least three recognized specialists designated by IAB President with approval of Executive Committee, to be appointed at least one year before each IAB meeting.
  • Award will be given at most every two years at IAB meeting if committee feels any person is worthy of award.
  • Award can be granted only once for each individual.
  • Care should be taken to encompass all geographical areas, with emphasis on bryologists working in high diversity regions or where they are working in isolation and still producing good results.
  • In addition to nominations by committee, nominations should be open to all IAB members through Bryological Times or email and must include supporting evidence for nomination.

  • Claudio Delgadillo 2009.
  • Noris Salazar Allen 2011.
  • Celia Sergio 2013.
  • Rui-Liang Zhu 2015.
The Riclef Grolle Award for Excellence in Bryodiversity Research 2015

The council of IAB congratulates Rui-Liang Zhu for winning the Riclef Grolle Award for Excellence in Bryodiversity Research 2015.

Rui-Liang Zhu, curator at the Biological History Museum (HSNU), and Director of the Department of Plant Sciences, East China Normal University, is one of the world's leading liverwort experts. His expertise on the morphological evolution, diversity, taxonomy and systematics of liverworts is vast. He is especially recognized as a worldwide authority on the enigmatic leafy liverwort family Lejeuneaceae, which represents the largest liverwort family. During the last two decades he has published over 170 scientific publications, including the beautiful monograph of Lopholejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. (Lejeuneaceae).
Besides his scientific love for bryophytes he is also engaged in securing bryophyte resources in threatened habitats and promotes bryology as president of the Bryological Society of China as well as vice-president of IAB. In addition, he serves the bryological community as associate editor of various scientific journals such as Cryptogamie Bryologie as well as the flagship journal of IAB, Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution.

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