Hattori Prize

($400 CDN cash)
  • Best paper or series of papers published within the previous two years in a journal or book by a member of IAB.
  • Given every two years at the IAB meetings.
  • Selection Committee chaired by Vice President Number 2, with three members appointed by the IAB Council at each IAB meeting.

  • Hélène Bischler 1995,
  • Steven P. Churchill & Edgar Linares 1997,
  • William R. Buck 1999,
  • Jean Paton 2002,
  • Hans Kruijer 2004,
  • Jonathan Shaw 2005,
  • Bill & Nancy Malcolm 2007,
  • Neil E. Bell, Dietmar Quandt, Terry J. O'Brien, & Angela E. Newton 2009.
  • Ryszard Ochyra, Ronald Lewis-Smith, and Halina Bednarek-Ochyra, 2009-2011.
  • Janice Glime (for Bryophyte Ecology ebook, 2011-2013).
  • E. Fischer. (Liverworts and Hornworts of Rwanda. ABC Taxa vol. 14. 552 pp. 2013). 2015.
The Hattori Prize 2015
The Committee for the Hattori Prize unanimously selected the book: Liverworts and Hornworts of Rwanda by E. Fischer. ABC Taxa vol. 14. 552 pp. (2013) as the best bryological publication for the years 2013/2014.

The books treats 262 taxa, it has a key to these taxa, color photos of habit and microscopic details of the plants. It is available to the public on the Web, and will be useful not only for Rwanda and surrounding countries but for most African and tropical countries. It is a remarkable effort by one author in a country torn by wars and hence difficult to do scientific work. It is a very meritorious effort and scientific contribution to bryology.

We congratulate Eberhard Fischer for winning the IAB Hattori Prize 2015

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