Minutes of IAB Council Meeting in London (July 17, 2013)

Minutes of IAB Council Meeting

17 July 2013, London, England

President Jeff Duckett called the meeting to order at 5:40 pm.  Present were Yelitza León, Dietmar Quandt, Matt von Konrat, Nancy Slack, DorothyBelle Poli, Sanna Huttunen, Alison Downing, Rui-Liang Zhu, Masanabu Higuchi, Silvia Pressel, Janice Glime, and Jeff Duckett. 
President Duckett expressed appreciation to Matt von Konrat for organizing the finances. 

Treasurer's Report

Secretary/Treasurer Matt von Konrat reported on the finances.  Janice Glime maintained a membership email list and Excel file until he was able to create one for the IAB secretary's office. 
When Matt assumed the position of treasurer, there were only a little over 100 active paid members and 500 unpaid members.  Kristina Lugos created an online membership list that provided payment status to each member.  The website now has a PayPal payment system that was set up by the previous treasurer, Jim Shevock.  With the new system, we now have 219 paid members. 
The treasurer reported that IAB has more than US $33,000 in savings and US $15,500 in checking.  Members from countries with collectors have been a problem.  IAB does not have records of most of these members.  Hence, there is only 1 known paid member from Japan, 1 from China, and few or none from other countries known to have current members.  IAB needs to end the country collector system and require all members to pay directly to the IAB treasurer or to PayPal.  IAB will no longer collect payments for Arctoa.  The treasurer will ask for a list of members from the country collectors and the dollar balance residing in those countries.
The Council suggested that to present at a conference one must be a member or pay more.
Student membership is free the first year.  Students in some countries can't get a credit card, making PayPal payment more difficult, but PayPal permits charging to a bank account.
Matt proposed raising the dues by US $5.00.  He reported that it had cost approximately US $500 to pay Kristina Lugos for setting up the web and database.  It will cost approximately US $500 for the website where we can upload BT.  The extra $5.00 will help pay for the new journal (Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution).  The Council unanimously passed the proposal to increase the dues by US $5.00, making them US $16.00.

Bryological Times

President Duckett thanked DB Poli for her work as editor of the Bryological Times.  She agreed to continue as editor and the Council approved the continued appointment.

Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution Report

Dietmar Quandt reported on the new publication, Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution.  Magnolia Press, publisher of Phytotaxa, will publish the journal, which is replacing Tropical Bryology.  IAB pays US $5 per IAB member per year to Magnolia Press.  It is agreed that IAB operates on 400 members in the first two years, i.e. US $2000 per year.  Back issues of Tropical Bryology will be available to subscribers/members.  Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution will be available online for IAB members at no charge.  Publishing for IAB members is free of charge; however, a fee applies to open access papers.  Non-members will pay to cover costs to publish.  Magnolia Press charges for printed volumes: cost for IAB members US $40; institutions US $120 (includes online access); thus, Magnolia Press will focus on recovering the costs via subscriptions by institutions.  The first issue will be published in January 2014.  There will be 2 issues per year with a total of 150 pages per year, or possibly more in the online version.  Printed copies will be available to libraries.  We have a 2-year contract with Magnolia Press and can re-negotiate when we make a new contract.
Yelitza León commented that some of her constituents asked about the possibility of publishing articles in Spanish.  A discussion ensued, but Councillors objected to having Spanish articles, considering that it would decrease interest in the journal and make it appear to be a second-rate journal.  Others suggested that abstracts could be in Spanish.  The Council objected also that there were many languages among the members and that Spanish should not be singled out as the only alternative.  Members of IAB should be willing to help Spanish-speaking (and other languages) people to prepare their papers in English.

Friends of IAB

Matt von Konrat suggested creating a "Friends of IAB" to bring larger amounts of money into IAB.  Members could be encouraged to include IAB in wills and bequests.  This money could be used to sponsor student travel and sponsor members in countries where it is difficult to get money out of the country.  The "Friends" could serve as an advisory board in selecting students for travel money.  One member of the "Friends" could represent the group on the Council.  The Council agreed that this was a good idea.  Matt von Konrat and Dietmar Quandt will draft a proposal.


President Duckett will ask for a report from Tomas Hallinbäck, chair of the Conservation Committee.

Future Meetings

We have an invitation from Bernard Goffinet and Bill Buck to go to Navarino (Patagonia) in 2015.  Jeff Duckett proposed that we go to Patagonia in January.  The proposal was approved unanimously.  Yelitza suggested that we meet with the Latin American Bryological Society.  She will invite them to join us in Patagonia.

Constitutional Changes

Dietmar Quandt stated that we need more council continuity.  He proposed changes in the Constitution articles 8, 10, and 11 to permit holding office for more than one term.  See attached proposal for changes regarding council membership.  The Council approved the amendments.  These shall be submitted to the members for a mail ballot.  Adoption shall require a favorable vote of two-thirds of the votes cast.   Jeff will send out the ballot to all paid members; this must be done before the elections can go forward.
In Article 4, we need to delete "other than original research papers" to permit publication of the new journal.  Dietmar will check for other changes that might be needed to allow the publication of the journal. [Note:  I think Article 4 only means that original research papers should not go in the newsletter.  I think we should clarify rather than delete.


Jeff will send congratulations to the award winners who are not at the conference so that they will know before others can congratulate them.
Awards were previously announced to the Council:

Hattori Prize (certificate & US $400)
      2011-2013: Janice Glime for Bryophyte Ecology ebook
Hedwig Medal (certificate and medal)
2011:  Támas Pócs
2013:  Rob Gradstein
Spruce Award (certificate and plaque)
2011 Karen Renzaglia
2013 Bernard Goffinet
Grolle Award (certificate and plaque)
2011:  Noris Salazar Allen
2013: Celia Sergio

Jeff will send the awards to those who were unable to attend the conference.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice M. Glime, past president

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